A civil society push towards increased loss & damage finance

“Quite a number of countries have stepped up, such as the EU, USA, and many smaller countries. This would not be the case without the mechanisms of the Paris Agreement. The downside to this is that we have started from a too low level of ambition so that even these enhanced NDCs are not balanced in relation to the big emitters’ fair share of climate action, and why we see a big gap towards the emission reductions needed for the 1.5°C limit”

International Policy Coordinator, Sven Harmeling.



 Influencing the EU towards more progressive positions under the UNFCCC was a key objective for CAN Europe’s international climate policy agenda in 2021. 

Our efforts included: targeted letters to both EU level ministerials as well as international ones; engagement with the European Parliament’s COP26 resolution on the need for progressive positions on loss and damage finance in support of vulnerable countries; shared messages and videos under the ‘WorldWeWant’ campaign which highlighted the loss and damage realities many people already face today. We also worked closely with CAN nodes in Africa and CAN Arab World layed a basis for collaboration in 2022 and beyond.

All this contributed to the big international civil society push for loss and damage finance at COP26, which was included on the agenda for the first time. From there, we started to develop a clearer understanding of loss and damage policy priorities and positioning of European countries as a basis for further activities in the run-up to COP27 and beyond.