A guiding vision for the energy transition

“With our Paris Agreement Compatible scenario we offer a tool to track the required progress of the EU and soon also of Member States in view of a swift energy transition.”

Energy Transition Policy Coordinator, Jörg Mühlenhoff

With the EU starting the process to translate its new 2030 climate target into legislation in 2021, we stressed more than ever that our Paris Agreement Compatible (PAC) scenario should serve as the guiding vision for Europe’s energy transition. The scientifically-backed pathways for industry, buildings and transport, illustrate that a 100% renewable energy supply is achievable by 2040 with available technologies while respecting our strict sustainability criteria. As the civil-society led energy scenario for net-zero emissions, it underpinned our calls for raising ambition in key pieces of legislation related to energy that are under revision, starting with higher 2030 EU energy efficiency and renewable energy targets.  

At the same time, CAN Europe continued to support scientific research which shows that with steep emission reductions by 2030, achieving the Paris Agreement goal is feasible. We helped the renowned think tank Climate Analytics to derive 1.5°C compatible emission reduction pathways for the EU and for nine countries. And at the end of the year, we started a new phase with the PAC scenario. Following our bottom-up approach, we aim to develop fully-fledged country-specific PAC scenarios with national members.