Making sure youth is a part of every decision making process

“I was pleasantly surprised to witness the power of the collective and what civil society was able to do around the event itself. It was this strength that made me realise that I was legitimate enough at COP26 and that the voices I wanted to represent also were.” 

Youth delegate Youth and Environment Europe (YEE), Hajar Ouahbi

Photo by: N. Rodrigo Sabio

In 2021 we intensified our work on youth engagement and mobilisation. By the end of the year, we had a number of youth organisations joining forces in our Network. To explore collaborations and common goals, in May we organised a mobilisation workshop with our dedicated working group which consists of both youth members and external organisations, activists and mobilisers.

We collaborated and engaged with youth delegates at COP26, providing training and support to youth activists including Fridays for Future Most Affected Peoples and Areas. We also started preparing the video series #weCANconnect, by filming youth climate activists & experts who we gathered around COP26 to discover diversity within the movement. 

Working to support young citizens to take climate action at the European level, we kicked off the creation of a youth training programme with Oxfam International for 2022, through our Spark project. Lastly, we reached a broader young audience through our capacity building, communications and outreach, something we hope to continue enhancing in the coming year.