Turkey ratifies the Paris Agreement and sets a date for becoming carbon-neutral

“Turkey’s ratification of the Paris Agreement shows political commitment to join the global climate movement and reduce its emissions. To be in line with the 1.5°C objectives of the Paris Agreement, Turkey will need to take more substantial action between now and 2030. It should put a stop to new coal investments, set the date for closing existing coal plants and immediately start a plan to phase out other fossil fuels.” 

Climate and Energy Policy Coordinator for Turkey, Özlem Katısöz

Anadolu Agency (AA)

Photo by: 350.org Turkey

Throughout 2021 CAN Europe continued to play an important role within the climate movement in Turkey, with a focus on just transition, coal phase-out, adopting a climate law and engagement in an overarching civil society campaign for the ratification of the Paris Agreement in Turkey. 

The campaign to ratify the Paris Agreement, run by 48 civil society organisations, was the most prominent campaign in Turkey in 2021. The CAN Europe team coordinated key aspects of the campaign and successfully used policy briefs to reach out to representatives of the government, the business sector, NGOs and labour organisations enhanced by regular social media outreach.  

Following the Paris Agreement ratification on 7 October 2021, the Turkish government announced the date to reach net-zero: by 2053. CAN Europe with its members and partners continued to demand a more ambitious and 1.5℃ aligned Nationally Determined Contribution by Turkey. A just transition remained an integral part of the work in Turkey following research on the economic implication of the coal-based economy, and advocacy efforts to enact a Paris compatible climate law in Turkey.