CAN Europe at COP28: Ambitious stocktake, fossil fuel phaseout and climate justice

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COP28 Midpoint: Bold Declarations Clash with Slow Progress and Unresolved Issues

What to Expect from Week II: After a week of negotiations at the UN Climate Summit COP28 in Dubai, despite a dynamic start marked by substantial declarations, little progress has…

REACTION: Final Energy Performance of Buildings (EPBD) Trilogue

EU Buildings Directive could leave millions of homes behind, hope now rests on Member States Brussels, 8th December 2023 – Yesterday evening, the final trilogue of the Energy Performance of Buildings…

Climate laws in Europe - essential for achieving climate neutrality

While the Paris Agreement sets a global temperature target, it leaves EU Member States a great deal of flexibility to stay below this threshold. Similarly, the emission reduction obligations of…

COP & Mobilisation: In shrinking space for civil society, even the colors we wear have become a tool for protest

The mobilisations at COP have been instrumental in raising awareness of climate change and its devastating impacts. They have brought together people from different backgrounds to demand climate action from…

EU’s bilateral partnerships on climate and energy: New impulses at COP28?

At COP28, all parties should agree to a rapid, just and equitable global phase-out of fossil fuels in all sectors in line with the 1.5C temperature limit by 2050 at…

Report: A Just Transition from Coal in Milas - Perception, Approaches and Needs

One of the most important discussions in the fight against the climate crisis is how to eliminate fossil fuels – especially coal – as a source of energy production in…

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