Briefing: EFSI 2.0 – Make it climate proof, additional and transparent

Financing the transition

In September 2016 the European Commission published its proposal for the prolongation of the EFSI until
2020, to be achieved by amending the existing regulation. We welcome several improvements. However,
as organisations monitoring closely the creation and implementation of the Investment Plan for Europe,
we believe that the proposed changes are not sufficient to genuinely tackle the challenges and
shortcomings identified in the EFSI first year of operations.

Following the publication of our report Best Laid Plans which analysed the 93 projects approved until July
2016 under the Infrastructure and Innovation Window (IIW), this briefing informs the ongoing
negotiations on the EFSI’s prolongation, providing for key recommendations for EU decision makers to
ensure the EFSI will contribute to a sustainable future for European citizens.

EFSI 2.0: Make it climate proof, additional and transparent