Briefing on the Energy Union

Climate action

Towards a resilient Energy Union with a forward looking Climate Change policy. This paper is intended to present some initial NGO views on the issue.

The Energy Union is an important opportunity to build a common vision for the future of the European Union’s energy system by setting a transformative agenda, which will lead to a 100% renewable energy future and an end to fossil fuel use by the middle of this century. This is urgently needed if the EU is going to do its fair share of the effort needed to avoid dangerous climate change and keep global temperature rise well below 2°C. Based on current indications, it appears that this great opportunity risks being missed by failing to maximise the benefits of decarbonising our economy and protecting the climate.

We urge the European Commission to place renewables and energy efficiency at the heart of the Energy Union, and accelerate the removal of polluting and dangerous energy technologies from the EU’s energy system.

CAN Europe briefing on the Energy Union – December 2014