Briefing: the battle over the EU’s climate ambition

Climate action

This briefing shows that since the beginning of 2018, 22 EU Member States in total have signed on numerous statements calling for increasing efforts to tackle the climate crisis. Only six Member States: Bulgaria, Croatia, Czechia, Poland, Romania and Slovakia have decided not to join any of the declarations in support for more climate action so far.

At the European Council on 20-21 June, the progressive EU governments need to finally turn their words into action. This Council will likely be the last opportunity for EU leaders to prepare the EU’s contribution to the UN Climate Action Summit in September. Given the growing attention of the public, and in particular of young people, leaders must agree on achieving net zero emissions by 2050 and commit to raise the EU’s 2030 climate target.

Will all EU Member States get on board? Also for Bulgaria, Croatia, Czechia, Poland, Romania and Slovakia keeping temperature rise to 1.5°C is in their best interest. First, their citizens are among those most affected by the climate crisis in Europe. Second, they depend the most on the EU budget for their infrastructure investments and hence would benefit more from significantly increased funding for climate action in support of going to net zero emissions.

Media briefing “The battle over the EU’s climate ambition”


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