CAN Europe Position on the Energy Efficiency Directive review

Energy transition

The Energy Efficiency Directive (EED) review represents a great opportunity to strengthen the Directive, building on lessons learnt from the implementation so far. The Directive provides a real added value to the European energy efficiency policy framework, as it helps create a level playing field among the Member States. An EED which leads to higher energy savings will offer even greater benefits to European citizens related to greenhouse gas emission reductions, job creation, lower energy bills and improved health. 

Overall, CAN Europe believes that the Commission’s proposal on the EED review, like the rest of the legislative proposals of the Clean Energy for All package, is not consistent with the ambition of the Paris Agreement, which requires an immediate overhaul of EU climate and energy policies. 
The attached document presents key views of CAN Europe on the shortcomings of the proposal and makes recommendations on how it can be improved.


Position paper

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