CAN Europe’s Position Paper on the EU 2030 energy targets

Energy transition

Action in the next 10 years will be most decisive in reaching the 1.5°C objective. The EU will need to increase its 2030 domestic greenhouse emission reduction target under the Paris Agreement from at least 40% to at least 65% compared to 1990 emissions. Such an ambition level would be in line with the recent UNEP Emissions Gap Report underlining that a trajectory consistent with the Paris 1.5°C goal requires emissions to annually decrease by 7.6% between now and 2030. 

Both the net-zero and 65% target need to be translated into further targets for tackling emissions under the EmissionsTrading System (ETS), outside of the ETS as well as for land-based emissions and removals. The climate target needs to be complemented by the increase of the 2030 energy targets within a mutually reinforcing climate and energy policy framework.

Position Paper CAN Europe 2030 energy targets


Position paper

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