CAN Europe’s Strategy for Changemaking in Times of Crisis

CAN Europe has recognised the need to broaden and deepen its vision and mission, to be more cognisant of the impacts we have as one species within nature, to uphold a clearer vision for social justice, and to encompass the diversity of organisations and approaches within our Network.

Read CAN Europe’s Vision and Strategy here 

Our Vision

The vision of CAN Europe is a world actively fighting the climate emergency and its adverse impacts on people and planet in a manner that promotes equity and social justice.

Our Strategy 

CAN Europe’s mission is to empower civil society organisations to influence the design and implementation of effective policy in Europe through advocacy, mobilisation, and communications, to ensure Europe contributes its equitable share of global efforts to tackle the climate emergency.

Our strategic approach will see our Network face the challenges ahead of us whilst harnessing the power and collective strength we have at our disposal. That strength is impressive and yet we understand the need to continue building power in our Network and in the wider movement to ensure change happens at the scale and pace that is necessary.

We will face the climate and ecological crises with a bold vision for a regenerative future that recognises the impediments to change and presents strategies and solutions that emphasise the need for personal hope and collective action.

We have embarked on a process to rethink our strategic approach to our work as a Network in a collective and participatory process that involved staff and members in deliberating and designing strategies for changemaking in the coming 5 years. We have strived to build a strategy capable of housing our broad and diverse Network whilst challenging us to be bold, now more than ever.