CAN Europe Position on Carbon Capture and Storage

Climate action

CAN Europe’s position on carbon capture and storage.

CAN Europe believes that:

  • Climate policy cannot wait for any one technology. Renewable energy sources and energy efficiency and conservation are proven, mature and environmentally friendly solutions to tackling the problem of climate change.
  • CO2 Capture and Storage must not divert public investments or political attention away from renewable energy and energy efficiency.
  • In Europe, fossil fuel power stations including those labelled as ‘clean coal’ which emit significant amounts of greenhouse gases should not be built. Fossil fuel-powered station which already emit significant amounts of greenhouse gases need to close down with the next decade or so. Renewable energy technologies, energy efficiency and energy conservation should always be prioritised before building any new fossil power stations.
  • CO2 Capture and Storage may have a role to play in reducing greenhouse gas emissions from new and existing fossil fuel power station, provided that the risk and uncertainties associated with CO2 Capture and Storage are addressed.

Download  2006 Oct CAN Europe CCS position paper

CAN Europe is currently workign on updating its CCS position.