Citizens Unite for a Just Climate, Nature and Agrifood Transition ahead of EU Elections

Climate action

Brussels, 1st of JuneHundreds of demonstrators and over 80 organisations from 23 EU countries joined the demonstration in Brussels organized by Good Food Good Farming and Climate Action Network (CAN) Europe. One week ahead of the decisive EU elections, demonstrators took to the streets to demand climate action, nature restoration and a fair transition of our agri-food systems.

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The world’s leading scientists warn that our current options to mitigate and adapt to the climate crisis are becoming unviable in the face of escalating global warming. Now more than ever, people across the EU need to vote to secure healthy and sustainable futures.While demanding greater climate, nature, and environmental protection, the demonstrators emphasized the paramount importance of ensuring real support and decent livelihoods for farmers. “Only by joining social and environmental concerns into one movement, will we be able to tackle the crises we are facing and ensure just futures for all,” says Mia Mancini from Good Food Good Farming.

“Without nature, there are no farmers, and without farmers, there is no food. The Nature Restoration Law is a first tangible step to reverse the nature and climate crises. To build a truly resilient future for the generations to come, it’s absolutely critical for EU Member States to finally make this law a reality,” says Marilda Dhaskali from BirdLife.

Hugues Falys, the Belgian farmer involved in a climate litigation case against oil giant TotalEnergies said: “As farmers, we are directly impacted by climate change, which is creating major damage to our farms and generates great uncertainty for the future. It’s time to hold major polluters accountable.”

Climate activist Chloé Mikolajczak adds: “We are increasingly experiencing pushbacks against environmental and climate policies, often fueled by the far-right. In the upcoming European elections, it is crucial that we vote to shape a future parliament that prioritizes real climate action and ensures a just future for all.”

“The European Green Deal is our roadmap towards a fossil-free, socially just and climate-neutral EU. Taking a U-turn on it now would doom our future. The next European Parliament must ensure climate and environment remain a top priority,” says Chiara Martinelli, Director at Climate Action Network Europe.

The demonstration in Brussels was a major highlight of Good Food Good Farming’s months-long campaign to keep food and farming on the agenda in the EU Elections. In addition, it is part of a wave of climate demonstrations taking place from 31 May to June 2 in over 128 cities across 14 European countries, organized by national groups and supported by Fridays For Future Europe, Climate Action Network Europe, and OPEN/WeMove.

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Access to Land Network, Agrikulti (Hungary), Agroecology in Action, Agroecology Europe, Alianza por el Clima, Artivist Network, Association Biom/Birdlife (Croatia), BirdLife Europe, Brigades d’Actions Paysannes (BAP, Belgium), Boerengroep – Wageningen University (Netherlands), Cambiamo Agricoltura (Italy), Climate Action Network (CAN) Europe, Client Earth, Climaximo (Portugal), Coalition Climat – Klimaatcoalitie, CNCD – 11.11.11., Das Momentum, DemocracyOnTheStreets, Den Grønne Ungdomsbevægelse, Ecologistas en Acción (Spain), Ecolise, EARA (European Agroforestry Federation), European Alternatives, European Climate Pact, European Environmental Bureau (EEB), European Federation of Trade Unions in the Food, Agriculture and Tourism (EFFAT), European Trade Union Confederation (ETUC), Extinction Rebellion Belgium, Food & Water Europe, FIAN Belgium, Fridays for Future Germany, Fridays for Future Europe, Fridays for Future Spain, Fridays for Future France, Fridays for Future Austria, Fridays for Future Sweden, Fridays for Future Poland (Młodzieżowy Strajk Klimatyczny), Friends of the Earth Europe, Friends of the Earth (Cyprus), Friends of the Earth (Malta), Generation Climate Europe, Good Food, Good Farming, Greenpeace Belgium, Hellenic Mediterranean University (Greece), IFOAM Organics Europe, IPC Food Sovereignty, Legambiente (Italy), Limit Media, Living Earth Coalition (Poland), Luomuliitto (Finland), Luontoliitto (Finland), Meine Landwirtschaft (Germany), Meng Landwirtschaft (Luxembourg), Mensa Cívica (Spain), Mouvement d’Action Paysanne, Naturefriends Greece, Natuurpunt, Online Progressive Engagement Network (OPEN), ÖBV Via Campesina (Austria), Peasant Agroecology, Por Otra PAC (Spain), Povod Institute (Slovenia), Quest, RAC France, Rewriting Earth, Rise for Climate Belgium, Rise For Climate Luxembourg, Slow Food Prague (Czech Republic), Slow Food Skåne (Sweden), Slow Food Straupe (Latvia), Slow Food Europe, Slow Food International, Slow Food Pays Catalan (France), STEP (Bulgaria), United for Climate Justice (UCJ), WeMove Europe, WWF EU, WWF Romania, Youth For Climate Belgium,


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