Civil Society Demands an End to Fossil Gas as Global Mobilisation to #FightFossilFuels gets off the ground

Brussels, 15th September 2023 As hundreds of thousands of people around the world take to the streets this weekend in a major global climate mobilisation to demand a fast, fair, and permanent end to fossil fuels, 43 civil society organisations from across Europe have signed onto a ‘10-point plan for a fossil gas phase out by 2035’, calling on their elected representatives to deliver a structured, EU-wide transition away from fossil gas by 2035.

Why a Fossil Gas Phase Out?

Global warming is here, supercharging fires, floods, and shocking storms, and fossil fuels are to blame. Even though fossil gas is one of the biggest sources of climate-wrecking emissions including very potent methane emissions, European decision makers have yet to present concrete plans to phase it out. In addition to its devastating impacts on the environment, the past few years have shown how fossil gas can be weaponised, threatening energy security and burdening Europeans with energy poverty.

“We urgently need the upcoming Climate Commissioner to set ambitious EU climate and energy targets for 2040, with a crucial intermediary goal for 2035 to phase out fossil gas and to free Europe from the triple threat that fossil gas lock-in poses: the climate crisis, fossil fuel dependency and energy poverty”, said Esther Bollendorff, Gas Policy Expert at CAN Europe.

Why now?

While the climate crisis wreaks havoc on European cities and communities, we are witnessing a growing backlash against climate policies. Fossil gas continues to hold Europe in a tight grip, with Russian LNG imports jumping by 40% this year, fueling the war in Ukraine. While Europe turns to LNG – despite early preparations and some price normalisation in 2023, Europeans remain highly vulnerable to volatile energy prices.

In this context, expanding fossil fuel extraction and infrastructure is recklessly dangerous. Every country must have a plan not only to cease the expansion and use of fossil fuels but also for a rapid, just and equitable phase out of existing infrastructure for instance through clear decommissioning guidelines in line with the 1.5°C limit.

With the 10-point plan for a fossil gas phase out by 2035, civil society provides concrete guidance to policy makers on how to break free from fossil gas: by setting a clear phase out date in 2035, immediately stopping gas and LNG infrastructure expansion while decommissioning existing infrastructure and making the necessary private and public funds available with a dedicated climate fund for a just energy transition.

You can read the 10-point plan here.



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