LETTER: Clean Hydrogen Alliance launch and future work strands – involvement of Civil Society Organisations/NGOs

Energy transition

The EU’s Clean Hydrogen Alliance, set to be launched on 8 July, is proposed to play an important role in implementing the future Hydrogen Strategy of the European Union. However, the undersigned organisations are concerned that the proposed Alliance risks establishing a clear conflict of interest by granting industry undue influence over the regulation of the burgeoning hydrogen sector: no other alliance has had such a strategic role in the past in terms of defining projects for funding and the framing of future policies.

In this context, we would like to emphasize the relevance of an independent, transparent and balanced approach for this alliance to be successful in supporting the drive towards a climate-neutral Europe as soon as possible. Below we share some key recommendations regarding the design of the CleanHydrogen Alliance, including the participation of civil society.

WWF Joint NGO letter on CHA July 2020