Europe’s climate movement continues to evolve and grow

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By Chiara Martinelli

Ahead of the 2019 European elections, young climate activists took to the streets in all corners of our continent to demand urgent climate action from the EU. The combination of advocacy efforts and grassroot movements catalysed a transformative green wave across Europe that was marked by the election of many climate protectors to the European Parliament.

Whilst the media spotlight may have shifted post election, the movement refused to wane. Quite the opposite. The movement expanded, evolved and held decision makers to account on the details. Throughout the last 5 years, vote by vote, decision by decision, the climate movement remained vigilant, protesting every misstep, to ensure continuous momentum for climate action.


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Brussels, 10 June 2024 —  The 2024 European Parliament election will go down as one that was characterised by frustration at the rising cost of living, growing inequalities and political

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