Representatives of EU citizens want bold climate action at COP27 – now EU ministers should follow

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  • The European Parliament passes a UN Climate Summit resolution asking for increased emissions reductions, fossil fuels phase out and scaled up climate finance, and a loss and damage finance facility

  • The Parliament’s position should be a springboard for next Monday’s Council conclusions, which will set the EU’s bar in the forthcoming climate negotiations in Egypt

Brussels, 20 October 2022 – Today’s ambitious COP27 resolution by Members of the European Parliament is a sign in the right direction, calling for the EU to increase its emission reductions to be in line with the Paris Agreement, to phase out fossil fuels as soon as possible, and to scale up finance for climate adaptation, as well as to support communities experiencing devastating climate impacts in developing countries. EU Environment Ministers meeting on Monday 24 October should listen to representatives in the European Parliament, civil society, scientific community, youth and activists and adopt bold Council conclusions that will be the EU’s rudder for the UN Climate Negotiations in Egypt, agreeing on a fair approach for achieving the 1.5°C limit that will keeps us safer.

Ahead of COP27, which will take place in Egypt in November, MEPs approved a resolution urging “all Member States to increase grants-based finance, particularly for adaptation and especially for least developed countries and small island developing states” as well as withdrawing finance support to fossil fuels by 2025.

On the critical issue of addressing “loss and damage” (in UN jargon), like the devastating flood impacts, droughts or destructions from storms fuelled by human-made climate change, the Parliament called on the EU to examine modalities for a loss and damage finance facility demanded by developing countries and tirelessly supported by civil society organisations from across the world, a strong signal for breaking a negotiations impasse.

“The elected representatives of EU citizens are setting the bar high for the Member States and the European Commission and they clearly call for bold climate action in the next UN Climate Summit in Egypt. When finalising their positions next week, EU Ministers must recognise that urgent steps are needed now to sufficiently shift the world’s course in this critical decade and the EU should play a leading role in this challenge”, said Chiara Martinelli, CAN Europe Director.

The Council conclusions that will serve as the EU’s general negotiating mandate for the 27th United Nations Climate Change conference (COP27) are, according to recent drafts, still being contested. One of the stickiest issues and most relevant in the coming climate talks is the increase of the EU’s commitment to reducing greenhouse gas emissions (or Nationally Determined Contribution, NDC) based on the outcomes of the climate and energy legislative proposals negotiations under the ‘Fit for 55’ package. According to CAN Europe, the EU needs to reduce its emissions by at least 65% by 2030 to fairly contribute to the Paris Agreement, in line with its polluting history, but the current discussions on the ‘Fit for 55’ unfortunately indicate this ambition will not be met.

Another key aspect under discussion is whether the EU would support action on loss and damage funding at COP27. Both elements are of critical importance for the EU to go to Egypt with a progressive negotiation position which can advance global climate justice.




A delegation of CAN Europe will attend COP27 in Egypt. In case you have requests, questions or you would like informal chats with CAN Europe’s director or policy experts, either in Sharm-El-Sheikh or remotely, don’t hesitate to get in touch.
Gearing up for COP27, next week we will be sharing a COP27 media briefing with the key topics in the climate negotiations for CAN Europe.

Useful links:

  • European Parliament: Information on the plenary vote on the COP27 Resolution can be found here. A delegation of MEPs from Environment Committee and from Industry, Transport, Research and Energy Committee will attend COP27.

  • Environment Council: agenda for the 24 October including the adoption of Conclusions on COP27 can be found here. 

  • CAN Europe letter on COP27 recommendations for ENVI and Pre-COP

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  • Young Kenyan climate activist Elizabeth Wathuti is touring Europe to raise awareness on the need of additional and new finance for losses and damages caused by climate change, including meetings with MEPs who welcomed her testimony [relevant tweets here & here]. More info on her visit here.


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