COP28: CAN Europe demands saying no to greenwashing, distractions and unproven solutions

COP28| Global transition

Dubai, 2nd December 2023 – The second and final day of COP28’s World Climate Action Summit is over. The day has seen many declarations and announcements on the energy transition.

Reacting to these declarations, Climate Action Network (CAN) Europe Director Chiara Martinelli commented:

“The second day of COP28’s World Climate Action Summit echoed with many declarations and announcements on the energy transition. While commendable strides were made by many governments committing to tripling renewable energy and doubling energy efficiency by 2030, these promises still need to materialise into tangible COP outcomes, paving the way towards a 100% renewable energy trajectory coupled with energy savings. 

However, pledges on clean energy sharply contrasted with the Oil and Gas Decarbonisation Charter, coordinated by the COP28 Presidency. This voluntary pledge from oil and gas companies, supposedly aimed at emissions reductions, is a deceptive distraction, focusing on “operational emissions” and conveniently sidestepping 80-90% of their colossal environmental impact – a blatant attempt at greenwashing that we strongly reject.

The gravity of the climate crisis calls for strong action beyond mere promises. It’s crystal clear – we need a phase-out of ALL fossil fuels included in the final COP decision. Let this COP stand as a symbol of clear determination, saying no to greenwashing, distractions, and unproven solutions.”

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