Energy Transition Campaigns and Projects Exhibition - CAN Europe

Energy Transition Campaigns and Projects

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What is it?

Transformative actions, campaigns and projects carried out by CAN Europe members to advance towards Energy Transition.

Welcome to the Spring General 2021 Assembly exhibition of member’s projects and campaigns!
Here you will find different initiatives that some of our members are working on.

Prosumers, energy efficiency, solar roofs, campaigns against fossil fuels, energy democracy… there are plenty of initiatives going on out there to help advancing towards a cleaner and post-fossil fuel era! Tell us what you are doing!

Members from Poland, Spain, Germany, Turkey, North Macedonia, Finland, Croatia, UK… are really acting on the ground to help advancing the energy transition and the just transformation needed for a paradigm shift. Take a look at their projects and get inspired by them. Do not hesitate and get in contact with those CAN Europe members already moving forward and look for sinergies with them.