EU Council’s short sighted energy measures neglect the root of the problem: fossil fuels

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  • US-EU LNG deal a scandal endangering both the EU’s and USA’s climate targets

  • EU leaders missed an opportunity to include quick wins on energy efficiency and savings, as well as a strong push to renewables


Brussels, 28 March 2022 – The European Council’s measures presented last Friday to reduce fossil fuel supplies from Russia and ease skyrocketing  energy prices stay short sighted as they fail to tackle the root of the problem, which is the EU’s inefficient and overflowed energy consumption and our addiction to fossil fuels. Instead, leaders should bet  on an accelerated transition to a 100% renewable energy system that protects the people and the planet.

The LNG agreement between the EU and the USA is a scandal given the environmental impact of fracked gas extraction, which endangers not only the EU’s but also the USA’s climate commitments. On top of that, this deal is far from being a detour to a quick patch for the current crisis: it is the EU marrying itself to US gas imports, a gas that is not going to be available any time soon anyways. It is extremely upsetting to see that EU leaders wish to replace Russian fossil gas with fracked gas from the US instead of pushing hard for short term efficiency measures and kick starting electrification of heating in buildings,” said Esther Bollendorff, Gas Policy Expert at CAN Europe.

More than ever, financial sources should be wisely used and channelled to accelerate a just energy transition, taking the Energy Efficiency First principle seriously. European public money must be quickly released to enable enhanced investments in heat pumps and renewable energy deployment as indicated in CAN Europe’s recommendations for an accelerated, secure and Paris compatible energy transition in the context of the invasion of Ukraine

“This is the perfect moment for the EU to send the right signals to fully embrace energy independence and get away from fossil fuel dependence. Europe cannot get stuck with fossil fuels which have proven to be unreliable, while fuelling wars and the climate crisis. It is a make or break moment and we cannot afford more lifelines for the sinking fossil fuel industry, said Elif Gündüzyeli, Energy Policy Expert at CAN Europe.

This needs to be reflected in the European Commission’s ‘REPowerEU’ that will be presented next May, with more ambitious energy targets and a detailed action plan that provides strong leverage, including enhanced funding, to get on the right energy transition track to ensure energy independence and delivery of the Paris agreement climate goals.


CAN Europe stands in solidarity with the people affected by the Russian aggression in Ukraine that is causing a humanitarian crisis. We wish for de-escalation and urge all parties for the protection of civilians from the attacks. People all over the world, Ukraine and Russia are already weakened by the impacts of climate change and COVID. We don’t want another armed conflict to bring more instability and loss of life. Read our statement.




Nina Tramullas, Interim Head of Communications, CAN Europe: 



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