Powering Europe’s Tomorrow – A blueprint for 100% renewable and resilient infrastructure

Energy transition

In CAN Europe’s latest paper, Powering Europe’s Tomorrow – A blueprint for 100% renewable and resilient infrastructure, 5 key recommendations are outlined on what needs to be done with Europe’s grids and energy infrastructure to accommodate the crucial transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy and reach climate neutrality. 

European’s power grids are already at peak congestion levels and are becoming a major bottleneck when it comes to the deployment of renewable energy. But issues exist beyond the lack of capacity within Europe’s grid networks. There is a need to strike a balance between upgrading present electricity infrastructure, by making it smarter, digital, more efficient, and flexible, and building new infrastructure, so as to facilitate the energy transition. 

This balance needs to be carefully analysed and crafted to ensure unnecessary conflicts are avoided. Instead, the development of Europe’s energy infrastructure needs to be developed with people and nature at its heart. This will involve early public engagement, taking into account local and national concerns and considerations, and also the protection and conservation of local biodiversity when it comes to expanding or upgrading infrastructure. 

CAN Europe’s TOP 5 Recommendations for developing Europe’s grid and energy infrastructure are:

  1. Enable and expedite a 100% renewable energy system
  2. Plan for the phase-out of fossil-fuel infrastructure
  3. Utilise the full potential of energy savings
  4. Build a decentralised, flexible and digitalised energy system
  5. Develop people-centred and nature-inclusive infrastructure

Read the Full Report Here.

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