More offshore renewable energy needed to reach climate neutrality

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The European Commission is expected to unveil its Offshore Renewable Energy Strategy this Thursday 19 November, laying down the sector’s specific contribution to reaching EU’s climate and energy targets.

The current 2030 EU renewables target of at least 32% is not enough, as already in this decade renewable electricity generation should at least triple in order for the EU to stick to its commitments under the Paris Climate Agreement. This should lead to renewables covering 50% of gross final energy consumption in 2030 and 100% in 2040[1].

With a clear framework and careful planning based on regional cooperation, a major jump on offshore renewable energy deployment can be achieved, while preserving our oceans and respecting the marine ecosystem.

The European Commission and its Member States should ensure that:

  • Regional cooperation with a long-term perspective becomes the guiding principle for planning and development of offshore renewable energy.
  • Based on a clear framework and careful planning on regional cooperation, a substantial boost of offshore renewable energy should be achieved, while preserving our oceans and respecting the marine ecosystem.
  • More space for offshore renewable energy in clean and healthy oceans is created. Member States will have to spell out how to organise their sea space in order to be in line with climate, energy and biodiversity objectives.


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