ITRE Members must not delay further the European renewable hydrogen Delegated Act

Energy transition

On February 13th, the European Commission adopted the Delegated Acts (DAs) which outline the rules for producing Renewable Fuels of Non-Biological Origin (RFNBOs). These provide clear regulations that will encourage investments and promote the renewable hydrogen market in Europe. It also ensures that climate and consumer protections are in place. This comes at a critical time as other regions in the world are taking steps to create their own renewable hydrogen economies and are looking towards Europe to set the standard.

Although the final Delegated Act is not perfect, it strikes a good balance between allowing industry to grow while still protecting the environment and consumers from the cannibalisation of renewable electricity generation.

Together with other NGOs, CAN Europe has co-signed a letter to the European Parliament ITRE Committee, urging them to support the Delegated Act and reject any opposition to it.