Joint reaction on the Energy Community’s Roadmap from CEE Bankwatch Network and Climate Action Network Europe

Europe in transition

On Friday 16th October the Ministerial Council meeting in Tirana adopted a Roadmap on the future of the Energy Community.[1]

The joint reaction from CEE Bankwatch Network and Climate Action Network (CAN) Europe follows:

Ioana Ciuta, Energy Co-ordinator at CEE Bankwatch Network:

“The Energy Community’s Roadmap is significant as a declaration of political intentions to narrow the gap between the Energy Community countries and the EU in terms of environmental standards, procurement and subsidies in the energy sector. Unfortunately though, it is very light on detail and much work is still needed to translate this intent into reality.

“We very much welcome the adoption of the Energy Efficiency Directive by the Energy Community and urge the countries to start with implementation without delay, not just for the sake of compliance, but because of the huge cost and comfort benefits that can be reaped from saving energy.”

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Ioana Ciuta
Energy Coordinator, CEE Bankwatch Network
Tel.: +40 724 020 281


1. The documents from the Energy Community meeting, including the Roadmap are available at: