Just Transition or Just Talk?

Europe in transition

New report by Climate Action Network (CAN) Europe and Sandbag reveals Member States are receiving EU energy transition support but not committing to phase-out coal. The draft National Energy and Climate Plans (NECPs) of 21 EU Member States which still use coal for electricity generation show that only eight are committed to phasing out coal by 2030.

Yet, Member States with no plans to move away from coal are benefiting from various EU schemes intended to support the energy transition away from coal. Still, Member States are asking for more energy transition funding.

The report analyses the prospects for coal in the draft NECPs – a key tool of the EU’s Governance Regulation that aims to ensure each Member State shares the effort in meeting the Union’s 2030 climate and energy targets. The European Commission will issue recommendations in June before the NECPs are finalised by the end of this year – now is the time for Member States to improve their plans.

Read full report here:  Just Transition or Just Talk?



EU Parliament Scoreboard​: Protectors, Procrastinators & Prehistoric Thinkers

New in-depth data research from five leading climate and environment organisations reveals that only a minority of MEPs during the 2019 – 2024 mandate acted to protect Europe’s climate, nature and air quality. The majority of MEPs acted instead as either procrastinators or prehistoric thinkers, delaying real action with patchy and inconsistent voting records, or worse, completely failing to rise to the challenge of the crises Europe is facing.

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