Letter to President Von der Leyen on Taxonomy

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Dear President von der Leyen,

We are writing to you in light of the Commission’s upcoming publication of the Taxonomy Complementary Delegated Act on 2 February 2022 to express our grave concern at the proposal that fossil gas and nuclear energy be included in the EU Taxonomy, a prospect that stands in stark contrast with science, independent advice, existing EU legislation and good practices elsewhere.

The inclusion of fossil gas and nuclear in the EU Taxonomy would not only mislead consumers and investors, but would also call into question the extent to which the European Commission values scientific evidence.

Including fossil gas and nuclear in the EU taxonomy would cause irreparable damage to health, nature and the climate, and deal a heavy blow to the credibility of the EU Green Deal.

We consider this issue to be of the utmost importance and urgency and would like to request a meeting or video call on this subject before you publish the delegated act.

Yours sincerely,

Jorgo Riss, Executive Director, Greenpeace European Unit on behalf of the Green 10

Monique Goyens, Director General, BEUC

Justin Wilkes, Executive Director, ECOS

Thierry Philipponnat, Chief Economist, Finance Watch