Letters to the EU’s Vice President Commissioner Dombrovskis and the Finance Ministers of Germany and Italy on a green, just and sustainable recovery

Financing the transition

Ahead of the Special European Council on 17-18 July and the G20 Finance Ministers Summit on July 18-19 2020, these letters call on EU decision-makers to support an EU recovery package which will support a green and just transition through:

➢ establishing a 40% climate action target for the entire MFF, including explicit targets

for the new funds;  
➢ explicitly excluding fossil fuels from all EU funding;
➢ requiring Member States to tailor all EU core and recovery funding plans to deliver on an enhanced 2030 climate target, and the transition to climate neutrality before midcentury. 

The letters also call on EU decision-makers to follow this in the international arena through supporting a statement on a just and sustainable reboot, a green recovery at the G20 Finance Minister Summit.

G20 FinanceMinisterial EU letter

G20 FinanceMinisterial Italy letter

G20 FinanceMinisterial Germany letter





Open letter: Support public investments for a stronger, more resilient and sustainable economy

We are deeply concerned about the return of overly restrictive fiscal policy. The final compromise on the reform of the EU economic governance due to be voted on by the European Parliament and the Council is multiplying unsubstantiated and arbitrary numerical benchmarks, which will trigger a wave of cuts to public budgets across Europe. Several countries, such as Germany, France and Denmark, have already cut or are planning to cut green investment and social spending for 2024 and 2025.

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