REACTION: A starting point for rescuing Europe’s natural environment from disaster

Climate action

A starting point for rescuing Europe’s natural environment from disaster

  • The Nature Restoration Law has been narrowly adopted today in the European Parliament with 312 votes for rejection and 324 against;
  • Ambitious and binding legislation is needed to offset the rapid degradation of Europe’s nature and restore it.

Brussels, 12 July 2023 – Today, the crucial Nature Restoration Law Vote passed in the European Parliament. Despite strong opposition to the law, a majority of MEPs have listened to science and to the people, and recognised the severity of Europe’s biodiversity crisis and how it can devastate our climate, food security and well-being.

Voluntary measures to restore nature have proved to be ineffective. Both the Birds and Habitats Directives which lay the foundation for the EU’s Biodiversity policy, have failed to halt the degradation of Europe’s natural environment. There is now an urgent need for ambitious, binding legislation and targets to hold Member States accountable to ensuring Europe’s ecosystems and habitats are restored.

“This is a significant win for our natural environment, climate, economy and people’s well-being. But it is only a starting point. As we continue to lose nature and biodiversity at a rapid pace in Europe, time is of the essence. Policymakers must work together to deliver legislation before the end of this year that will not only prevent the further degradation of Europe’s nature, but also restore it.” – Chiara Martinelli, Director at CAN Europe