New Parliament. Same Planet.

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Brussels, 10 June 2024 —  The 2024 European Parliament election will go down as one that was characterised by frustration at the rising cost of living, growing inequalities and political inaction. But also as one that selected the last generation of MEPs who have the ability to put us on an ambitious path towards achieving the 1.5C goal of the Paris Agreement and ensure a socially just transition. As the new Parliament wakes today, it’s important to remember that although their seats have shuffled, the planet and its green and social challenges remain the same.

‘The Parliament may have changed, but the planet has not.’ said Chiara Martinelli, Director at CAN Europe. ‘Our house is on fire. Europe is the fastest warming continent and our leadership is liable for extinguishing the problem domestically, whilst also living up to our global commitments to combat the climate emergency. CAN Europe will continue to push for a fossil-free, socially just and climate-neutral European Union and we will double our efforts in the coming years to pull the climate procrastinators in the new Parliament off the fence’.

Whilst post-match analysis may well focus on the false solutions that gained traction in the ballot box – celebrations from divisive forces will be short-lived. The reality remains that urgent climate action is needed on many fronts and that 84% of EU citizens agree that EU legislation is necessary for protecting the environment in their country. False solutions will quickly become transparent in the light of day.

The new political majority now needs to take the reins and build upon the achievements of the last Parliament to forge a fairer path forward towards climate neutrality and thriving ecosystems. And the good news is that pragmatic solutions already exist, with the European Green Deal providing a roadmap that can be expanded and improved upon. Not only that, but according to recent research conducted by CAN Europe – aligning with a net-zero goal for 2040 already now, would yield economic benefits of at least €1 trillion by 2030. A much needed economic booster shot in the arm of Europe’s economy. 

From day one, tackling the multifaceted crises Europeans are facing, especially those most marginalised, should be of the highest priority for the new European Parliament. This requires massive new public investment, a concrete plan for the phasing-out of fossil fuels and the simultaneous acceleration to reach a fully renewables based energy system, with a primary focus on wind and solar. Efforts to curtail energy and material demand should be expanded and greater recognition given to the role of restoring nature to remove carbon from ecosystems.

‘In the crucial coming months of endless bartering, cajoling and politicking – CAN Europe – and the 1,700 organisations we represent in 40 European countries – stand prepared to support and hold to account this new class of MEPs in the difficult decisions ahead’ said Chiara Martinelli, Director at CAN Europe. ‘Let’s get to work’.


Notes to the editor:

CAN Europe’s Manifesto for a Fossil-Free, Socially Just, and Climate-Neutral Union

EU Parliament Scoreboard: CAN Europe’s ranking of EU political groups and national parties in the previous parliament based on voting records on climate, nature and pollution legislation


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