New report: wind power in the EU held back by uncertain policies

Energy transition

The Global Wind Energy Council, representing wind energy industry worldwide published its bi-annual flagship Global Wind Energy Outlook 2016 today.

The main focus of the report is the future of the global wind energy industry out to 2020, 2030 and up to 2050, but it also analyses current trends.

The report shows that Europe remains the second largest market for wind power in the world, after China. In 2015, wind power installed more than any other form of power generation in the EU, accounting for 44.2% of total 2015 power capacity installations.

The overall high EU installation levels mask significant volatility across Europe. 47% of all new EU installations in 2015 took place in Germany and 73% occurred in the top four markets, similarly to 2014. In the previous years installations were less concentrated and spread across many more healthy European markets.

Authors of the report state that weakened legislative frameworks, on-going economic crises and austerity measures implemented across Europe continue to hinder growth of the wind power industry.

In reaction to the report, Jean-Francois Fauconnier of CAN Europe said:

“The report shows that wind power in the EU keeps growing, but is held back by uncertain policies. Growth of wind energy is now unstoppable, but only with high targets and strong policies it will develop fast enough to enable the EU to live up to the commitment made in Paris. The EU renewable energy law, up for review later this year, must include binding targets and policies that will encourage all EU countries to invest in renewables. Otherwise, President Juncker’s hope of making the EU number one in renewable energy will remain wishful thinking.”

Download the report from here