Open letter to MEPs ahead of plenary vote on Cohesion Policy funding

Financing the transition

“To make decarbonisation a reality, voting down the eligibility of fossil fuels, including gas, is key.” This is the message sent today by businesses, local authorities and NGOs to the members of the European Parliament as they will decide this week if they will turn back the clock by allowing funding for fossil fuels in Europe’s regions from 2021 to 2027, or if they will choose a path of sustainable development for Europe’s regions, bringing them new jobs, competitiveness and modernisation.

The open letter, signed by 44 organisations and sent today to EU Parliamentarians urges them to rule out fossil fuel investments as they will decide on the spending priorities of post-2020 Cohesion Policy on 27 March.

Open letter to MEPs EU funding must leapfrog fossil fuel use to renewable energy and energy savings March 2019




Open letter: Support public investments for a stronger, more resilient and sustainable economy

We are deeply concerned about the return of overly restrictive fiscal policy. The final compromise on the reform of the EU economic governance due to be voted on by the European Parliament and the Council is multiplying unsubstantiated and arbitrary numerical benchmarks, which will trigger a wave of cuts to public budgets across Europe. Several countries, such as Germany, France and Denmark, have already cut or are planning to cut green investment and social spending for 2024 and 2025.

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