Position paper on Just Transition for those depending on fossil resource extraction and combustion

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A just transition means delivering the socio-economic transformation required to address climate change, whilst reducing inequalities in the most affected regions and ensuring the costs and benefits of the transition are spread fairly.

This must include timely action that will contribute to achieving its fair share a net-zero greenhouse gas emissions economy by 2040 in the EU and globally by 2050 while ensuring that the transition is happening with the support of local communities and that it will create new, decent and sustainable jobs. Funding for the just transition should be based on reliable and ambitious transition plans and go to those directly affected instead of supporting old fossil-based business models. All relevant stakeholders, including people already affected today by the climate crisis, should have a place at the “just transition table”. Companies should also take responsibility for the consequences of their operations. CAN Europe also supports the concept of providing financial support as a necessary tool by governments and companies to help the regions affected to transition away from unavoidable job losses. Social friction and marginalisation by the less-empowered should be reduced as much as possible to achieve social justice as well as maintain and grow support for the global and European transformation towards 100% renewables and a net-zero emissions economy.

Position paper on Just Transition for those depending on fossil resource extraction and combustion


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