LETTER to European Parliament Group Leaders

Following the result of the European Election, CAN Europe has joined the ‘Green 10’ (a group of leading climate and environmental organisations active on the EU level) in writing to the European Parliament’s Group Leaders with the message: the European Parliament may have changed after these elections, but our planet has not.

As political groups in the Parliament are launching talks over future priorities and consider their approval of a European Commission President, we are making an urgent appeal to the Group Leaders: continue to prioritise a green and just transition towards climate neutrality, zero pollution and thriving nature.

The climate and nature crises are claiming lives and livelihoods every year, and the number of victims is only increasing. Many of the climate threats to Europe’s energy and food security, water resources and financial stability have now reached critical levels. Whether it’s because of floods and fires, or lack of clean water or air pollution – if the EU does not address the planetary emergency, it will crumble in front of any other challenge it will face.

The latest Eurobarometer shows that more than three-quarters of Europeans (78%) find that environmental issues have a direct effect on their daily lives and health. And more than four in five (84%) agree that EU legislation is necessary to protect the environment in their country.

The talks across European political groups are a unique opportunity to move beyond electoral slogans, and bring back the much needed stability by staying on course with the European Green Deal.

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