Reaction – EU Parliament votes on higher targets for energy efficiency and renewable energy 

A stepping stone – EU Parliament votes on higher targets for energy efficiency and renewable energy 

Brussels, 14th September: As President Von der Leyen alluded to in her State of Union address, energy savings and investing in renewable energy can help bring prices down and make our energy supply last longer. 

Today, Members in the EU Parliament voted for a binding 14,5% EU Energy Efficiency target and a 45% EU Renewable Energy Target for 2030. While higher targets of at least 20% and 50%, respectively, can enhance further Europe’s energy security and are needed to meet our Paris Agreement objective, the targets agreed in the EU parliament are a stepping stone for Europe establishing a sustainable, fully renewable energy system combined with energy savings.

The lack of ambition shown by the Energy Council last June is alarming as national delegates will look to reach a compromise lower than what was proposed in the REPowerEU package and not reflective of the current situation that people across Europe find themselves in as we approach winter. We expect the European Parliament to take on the responsibility of being a stalwart supporter for higher ambition in the trilogue negotiations and work to safeguard Europe’s energy future, putting people and nature at the centre.   

“While we need more ambition, the 45% EU 2030 renewable energy target agreed in the EU Parliament is a step forward in establishing a sustainable, fully renewable energy system in Europe. Rising energy costs and the summer fires gone by are stark reminders that the colegislators cannot afford to compromise on Europe’s energy security and climate commitments,and they need to go the extra mile for higher targets when it comes to the Trilogue negotiations later this year” said  Veerle Dossche, EU Energy Policy Coordinator at CAN Europe.

“Energy savings is the game-changer in soothing the unfolding energy price crisis. The outcome of the plenary vote today sends a strong signal to member states ahead of the Trilogue negotiations that the European Parliament stands united and strong behind the 14,5% EU 2030 energy efficiency target. However, a higher binding EU energy efficiency target will be essential over the coming winter seasons as homes and industries look to reduce their energy demand and save on their energy bills. ”said Verena Bax, Energy Savings Policy Expert at CAN Europe.



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