Briefing: Making Renewable Heating Accessible and Affordable in the rental sector

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Millions of European households have been making the difficult choice between heating and eating this winter as the cost of living and heating bills remain relatively high. This burden is felt more in the rental sector, as tenants contend with ever rising rent prices across the continent, further adding to the rising levels of energy poverty across the EU since February 2022.

Most policy measures that incentivise renewable heating are typically addressed to owners at large, but do little to encourage landlords specifically to renovate their buildings.

This briefing explores what is needed to make renewable heating accessible and
affordable for tenants living in Europe, with a special focus on the energy poor. At its core lies the idea that the heating decarbonisation transition should not leave anyone behind, regardless of their income and their tenancy status.





Open letter: Support public investments for a stronger, more resilient and sustainable economy

We are deeply concerned about the return of overly restrictive fiscal policy. The final compromise on the reform of the EU economic governance due to be voted on by the European Parliament and the Council is multiplying unsubstantiated and arbitrary numerical benchmarks, which will trigger a wave of cuts to public budgets across Europe. Several countries, such as Germany, France and Denmark, have already cut or are planning to cut green investment and social spending for 2024 and 2025.

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Press release

Leading Environment and Climate Organisations Score European Parliament’s 2019-2024 Performance ​

New in-depth data research from five leading climate and environment organisations reveals that only a minority of MEPs during the 2019 – 2024 mandate acted to protect Europe’s climate, nature and air quality. The majority of MEPs acted instead as either procrastinators or prehistoric thinkers, delaying real action with patchy and inconsistent voting records, or worse, completely failing to rise to the challenge of the crises Europe is facing.

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