Report: Co-benefits of Climate Action – Assessing Turkey’s Climate Pledge

Europe in transition

This report shows that by shifting to a low-carbon, 100% renewable pathway, fastly emerging economies like Turkey will benefit from a strongly reduced dependency on fossil fuel imports, will save lives through reduced pollution and will create more sustainable, green and qualified jobs that could have a major positive impact on the country’s developmental vision.

The report clearly shows that if Turkey had an ambitious INDC, setting the country on a trajectory towards a 100% renewable electricity market by 2050, the country would make annual cost savings of about USD 23 billion, around 64,000 new jobs would be created in the domestic renewable energy market and a total of 35,000 deaths in 2030 would be prevented, compared to the current policies scenario.

Report in English Co-benefits of Climate Action: Assessing Turkey’s Climate Pledge

Report in Turkish İklim Hareketine Geçmenin Yan Faydaları: Türkiye İklim Taahhüdünün Değerlendirmesi

Infographips in English 

Infographics in Turkish