CAN Europe has joined civil society groups from a wide range of fields to express their views on the next EU research framework. This report is the first attempt to discuss how to mainstream the sustainable development goals into Research and provides the view of civil society stakeholders which are rarely consulted on EU Research policies.  

EU Research Policies for Peace, People and Planet explores how Research that will make Europe and the world an environmentally sustainable, healthy and peaceful place to live must now be prioritised over research that delivers profit and economic return. Substantial portions of EU Research funds have been turned into subsidies for large corporations at a time when essential public risk assessment and research institutions are facing budget cuts. 

The report sets out how a needs-driven research agenda could enable the EU to concretely deliver impact for its citizens, address today’s societal and environmental challenges and contribute to a sustainable future for Europe. Regarding environmental needs it could pave the way for the transition to a low carbon economy and sustainable food and farming systems.

Report: EU Research Policies for Peace, People and Planet