Coordinated by SDG Watch Europe and launched at the UN High Level Political Forum on the SDGs in July 2019, this report shadows the EU’s own assessment of its progress on Agenda 2030 by looking at the negative externalities and spill-over effects of EU policies in developing countries.

Taking Policy Coherence for Development into account means making sure all EU policies are consistent with sustainable development, closely monitoring spill-over effects and setting goals to limit them. The EU’s Eurostat SDG reporting does not include externalities and or any indicator on spill-over effects.

This report focuses on some important EU policy areas where there is an urgent need for action. CAN Europe’s contribution, Chapter 12: Climate Policies: the case for higher ambition highlights the People’s Climate Case’s Kenyan Plaintiffs and the use of litigation to push the EU to raise its 2030 climate ambition, which needs to be brought in line 1.5 to support the achievement of sustainable development.

Spotlight Report on Sustainability in Europe: Who is paying the bill?