STOP CLIMATE MADNESS: Civil society sends a loud message to Ministers at COP19

Global transition

Last night as ministers and their delegations gathered in the COP plenary, more than a hundred remaining activists at the COP – after yesterday’sprotest walkout by many of their NGO partners and friends – took to the stands of the national stadium and started chanting.


CAN Europe supported the action to put governments under pressure to work towards a strong outcome of the COP. Chanting slogans like “Stop climate madness” and “Our voice, our future, our power”.

The timing of the action was perfect as the chanting kicked in exactly when the negotiator from Trinidad and Tobago – a vulnerable island state – rejected the current negotiating text as too weak and demanded a stronger outcome for this COP.

The action took place in solidarity with people hit by typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines and all other victims of climate chaos. Before the chanting began, the activists held a minute of silence for those suffering. At the same time 100s of other vigils were being held around the world by people who are also standing in solidarity and demanding climate action.

The chanting could be heard in the main plenary room (UNFCCC video clip) left COP President Martin Korolec looking “confused” and “annoyed”, but some progressive delegates were seen smiling through the action. Those from the small islands said it gave them a real boost at the late hour in the two week negotiations.


After the meeting in Warsaw ends, governments will have to start developing ambitious commitments for 2030. The European Union can lead this effort by agreeing a set of ambitious and binding 2030 targets In March of next year. We will be supporting our members in their efforts to mobilise for climate action back home in their countries.

(Photo credit and partial source: TckTckTck)