Submission to EU Consultation on External Development

Financing the transition

Submissions to EU consultation on External Development will be used to inform the way forward on the revision of the European Consensus on Development and other external aspects of 2030 Agenda implementation. The consultation seek views on how development policy, in the context of EU external action as foreseen by the Lisbon Treaty, should respond to the range of landmark 2015 summits and conferences, and also to the rapid changes happening in the world.

In our submission, CAN Europe highlighted that addressing any one challenge must facilitate mutual solutions that progress towards the objectives of the Agenda 2030. Mutual solutions are achieved when the pathway to fulfilling any one outcome aligns with other outcomes. A narrow prioritisation of any one or more issues does not reflect the interlinked and interconnected nature and challenges of contemporary and globalised societies. If mutual solutions are not achieved then development gains will be short-lived.

On climate change specifically, there is definitely a need for stronger policy coherence across the EU and its policies – the principle of policy coherence for development should incorporate climate change and sustainability. Doing so will limit the consequence of domestic policies and international agreements in other sectors (eg. Trade, finance, energy) undermining global and regional efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and build resilient infrastructure. Stronger political leadership and technical understanding across EU decision-making bodies will be necessary to properly incorporate climate change and sustainable development into respective policy areas.

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