Submission to the consultations on the EC guidance on permitting and the EU solar energy strategy

Energy transition

CAN Europe has made a submission to the consultation on the EC guidance on permitting and to the consultation on the EU solar energy strategy. 

Following the invasion of Ukraine by Russia, the European Commission made clear in its recent REPowerEU communication, that “the case for a rapid clean energy transition has never been stronger and clearer”.

For a clean energy transition to be successful, EU Member States need to significantly increase the deployment of sustainable renewable energy with the full involvement of citizens and local communities and with respect for biodiversity.

Opportunities for the faster permitting of renewable energy projects should be explored, but a transparent and participatory debate under which circumstances faster permitting can take place and an agreement on good practice principles can benefit the acceleration of wind and solar deployment.

The submission outlines our recommendations to the European Commission and Member States on the accelerated deployment of solar and wind energy.