EU Parliament Scoreboard: Protectors, Procrastinators & Prehistoric Thinkers

    📅 15/04/2024

The EU Parliament Scoreboard looks at the individual voting behaviour of every MEP during the 2019-2024 legislative term and scores them against the voting recommendations of the five European environmental organisations. This provides a measure of each MEPs commitment to environmental sustainability – with the result being a score out of 100. Results are aggregated in the scoreboard for political groups and national parties represented in the European Parliament.

The scoring assesses voting behaviour across 30 policy files, comprising key climate, energy and environmental legislation. 12 policy files focused on a climate-neutral and socially just transition, 8 focused on a nature-positive Europe, and 10 focused on the circular economy and achieving zero pollution. 

The potential benefits to citizens of a socially just transition to a climate-neutral, nature positive and zero pollution Europe are enormous and over the past five years, the European Parliament has had the power and the opportunity to act boldly to lead the European Union down this path. This June, citizens will be able to hold their representatives accountable for their recent parliamentary performance and demand higher ambition from the European Parliament in the years to come.

"Now is the time for European citizens to wake up to the real possibility of a European Parliament full of prehistoric thinkers - to get out and vote for parties that can provide the climate protectors we so deeply need to improve and strengthen the European Green Deal. Climate vulnerable regions in Europe and around the world need and expect continued action - and the only way forward from here is a fossil-free, socially just, and climate-neutral European Union."

Who are the Protectors, Procrastinators and Prehistoric Thinkers?

There is naturally diversity and nuance within political groups and national parties and it is possible to find protectors across the political spectrum – with the exception of the far-right. The following scores are headline figures based on the aggregates and the full breakdown of each group, party and vote can be found in the EU Parliament Scoreboard:

The Protectors

  • Greens / European Free Alliance – 92/100
  • The Left – 84/100
  • Progressive Alliance of Socialists and Democrats – 70/100

The Procrastinators

  • Renew Europe – 56/100

The Prehistoric Thinkers

  • European People’s Party – 25/100
  • European Conservatives and Reformists – 10/100
  • Identity and Democracy – 6/100

The EU Parliament Scoreboard is published by BirdLife EuropeClimate Action Network EuropeEuropean Environmental BureauTransport & Environment and WWF European Policy Office, and supported by Minor Foundation for Major Challenges. The voting data was extracted and the scoring calculations were performed by Adam Orphelin. The interactive tool is developed by Roud Studio.

More information about the EU Scoreboard, including key conclusions, country analysis and methodology can be accessed here.

The methodology and the full list of policy files and votes that were analysed can be accessed here.