Report: A wake up call from the coal impacted community of Lazarevac, Serbia

Europe in transition| Climate action



Just Transition attitudes and perceptions in the coal-impacted

Community of Lazarevac, Serbia

This study constitutes a comprehensive qualitative and quantitative report on the coal-impacted community of Lazarevac, Serbia, that aims to capture a bottom-up perspective, or “a view from below”, of the problems, needs and desires of Lazarevac’s residents regarding key issues of energy and just transition. The study investigates the residents’ awareness and attitudes towards the just transition issue and offers recommendations on how to improve the communication and information flow amongst various stakeholders at the local, national and international level, based on the data collected. The study aspires to become an essential source of information, providing guidelines for the design of a balanced and effective communication and advocacy strategy, to support the vital process of mitigating the risks of  energy and just transition.

Download the full report as well as the Executive Summary in English and Serbian below.



EU Parliament Scoreboard​: Protectors, Procrastinators & Prehistoric Thinkers

New in-depth data research from five leading climate and environment organisations reveals that only a minority of MEPs during the 2019 – 2024 mandate acted to protect Europe’s climate, nature and air quality. The majority of MEPs acted instead as either procrastinators or prehistoric thinkers, delaying real action with patchy and inconsistent voting records, or worse, completely failing to rise to the challenge of the crises Europe is facing.

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