Milas Region Beyond Coal – The potential towards a just energy transition where no one is left behind in Turkey

Europe in transition

CAN Europe and 350 Turkey together with local association KARDOK, the village association from the coal region and Milas City Council just released a joint report titled “Milas Beyond Coal”. The report takes a local perspective on just transition, zooming in  the case  of Milas, a coal region in Turkey. The study presents what could be the different options for the region  towards transitioning away from fossil fuels and investing in other sectors, for instance tapping on its potential for olive oil cultivation and ecotourism, creating new jobs and economic opportunities for its residents that are today very involved in the coal industry.


The report provides recommendations for navigating the transition away from coal. It explores various alternatives for the local economy and stresses the importance towards a just transition, where the costs and the benefits of the energy transition from fossil fuels -essential to stop the climate change – are distributed in a just manner.

This way, coal-dependent communities feel supported in this process with no one left behind.

Find the report in English language here

Find the report in Turkish language here



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