Sign our petition and urge the MEPs to make the polluters pay!

Climate action

On February 14th 2017, Members of the European Parliament will vote on their position on the reform of Europe’s main climate policy: EU Emission Trading System (EU ETS). They will decide whether to make the polluters pay or let them off the hook. 


Make polluters payWe must make them hear the voices of European citizens over the whispers of the lobbyists, and call on MEPs to support genuine and ambitious reform of the European Emission Trading System for the period 2021-2030.

Therefore, together with our members – Carbon Market Watch, Oxfam, Sandbag and WWF, and WeMove.EU – a citizens’ movement campaigning for a better Europe we have launched a petition. So far, it has been signed by nearly 100 000 EU citizens.

Join our call for a decisive action against the threat of climate change here: 



More information on our position on the reform of the EU ETS here



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