Strengthening the Africa-EU partnership through action on climate impacts

At the 6th AU-EU Summit held in February 2022 the European Union (EU) and African Union (AU) affirmed a joint partnership vision for 2030. This briefing looks at the Partnership and the financing underpinning it from the perspective of climate justice, and how the EU and AU urgently need to build on what was agreed and deepen cooperation to progress gender transformative action on adaptation and to address loss and damage. It builds on analysis of the Partnership commitments, EU financing commitments and programming process, and programmes for five selected African programmes. It also benefits from invaluable inputs from African and European civil society organisations (CSOs) to draw conclusions and recommendations for the EU on the Partnership and its financing.


Press release

New Parliament. Same Planet.

Brussels, 10 June 2024 —  The 2024 European Parliament election will go down as one that was characterised by frustration at the rising cost of living, growing inequalities and political

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