DUH, Germany   

The “Aktiv BüKE” project aims to increase acceptance for renewable energy projects through the early inclusion of locals.

Particularly young citizens develop a holistic renewables concept for their specific district including plant sites. The district of Ebersberg in Bavaria, Germany (140,000 inhabitants) gave out the target of relying entirely on renewable energies by 2030. The project group follows that target to determine how many wind turbines and solar panels are necessary and where they should be located.

Other activities in the course of the project include regional surveys regarding attitudes towards the energy transition and opportunities for participation, the organisation of local public events as well as the visualization of this concept in an interactive 3D-model.

visualisation in the video by: TUM LAREG. CC BY-ND


The so-called “citizen experts” are supported by the initiators of the project Environmental Action Germany, Technical University of Munich, MSH Medical School Hamburg and Fraunhofer Institute for Computer Graphics Research IGD.

The project runs from August 2019 until May 2021 and is funded by the Mercator Foundation.

Contact details: Philipp Barthel, p.barthel@duh.de, Environmental Action Germany

More information: www.aktivebueke.de (German only)