Thanks to the persistent push of CAN Europe and its allies, we were able to improve crucial agreements across all climate files in the general revision of the EU’s 2030 policy framework that is needed to put the European Green Deal in motion, the ‘Fit For 55’ package

“Only weeks after COP27 rang the alarm bells that the 1.5°C target is on life support, EU lawmakers missed an important and obvious opportunity to get the EU on track. What they agreed last night fails to put the ETS in line with the Paris Agreement objective and hence does not represent a fair contribution to fighting dangerous climate change”. Klaus Röhrig, Head of Climate in CAN Europe on Euractiv

Just before the end of 2022, European policymakers rubber stamped multiple revisions of key EU climate policies. In particular, they strengthened national greenhouse gas emission targets under the Effort Sharing Regulation, agreed to increase the EU’s natural sink capacity under the LULUCF Regulation and revamped the EU’s carbon market, the EU Emissions Trading System.

Thanks to the persistent push from our Network, we were able to improve several crucial elements of the framework, particularly strengthening the rules for ETS revenue spending, better compliance and transparency for land based carbon removals and improving the trajectory for emission reductions in non-ETS sectors.

By pushing the EU’s overall climate ambition to -57% net emission cuts by 2030, these agreements were a significant step forward. However, the EU is still a far cry from the ambition levels necessary to cover its fair share in the global fight against climate breakdown