DOOR, Croatia   



As part of ESF funded project: “Sustainable business for better climate”, DOOR will set up a pilot centre for addressing energy poverty in Zagreb. The centre will build upon DOOR’s experience on the topic obtained through completed and ongoing projects.

The goal of the centre is to serve as a bridge between multiple stakeholders in addressing the complex issue of energy poverty. If the centre proves to be successful in its activities, our intent is to replicate the operating model to several locations in Croatia.



  • Increasing awareness of energy poverty and the impact it has on household finances, health, social status, access to education and healthcare,
  •  Advocacy regarding energy poverty towards decision makers on local, national and international level.
  • Cooperation with Social care centres, Red cross and similar organizations.
  • Direct assistance to citizens affected by energy poverty through education, practical advice and implementation of simple measures for energy poverty alleviation.

Planned activities

  • Financial consulting
    • Information for public on existing measures and open calls related to energy poverty
    • Assistance with applications to different calls and programmes
  • Technical consulting
    • Advice to increase quality of life and reduce energy consumption
    • Simple energy audits (in-person or via phone)
  • Health related consulting
    • Advice to minimize negative health impact of energy poverty
  • Advocacy
    • Raising awareness on energy poverty
    • Energy poverty mapping, data collection
    • Development of public policy and energy poverty metrics and criteria
    • Advocacy towards authorities
  • Direct impact
    • Community presence, platform
    • DIY workshops, energy literacy workshops
    • Coordination of volunteer activities

Users and partners:

  • Energy poor citizens and citizens what want to reduce their energy bills
  • Institutions working with similar target groups: Social centres, Red Cross…
  • NGO sector working on similar topics
  • Education institution (schools, universities)
  • Authorities (County/City/State)

Luka Majić (Sustainable business for better climate, EMPOWERMED)
Anamari Majdandžić (POWERPOOR, ENPOR)
Daniel Rodik (POWERPOOR)
Miljenka Kuhar (EMPOWERMED)

Other ongoing projects related to energy poverty
REACH (finished)

in progress…