Climate NGOs are collaborating to build a net zero and resilient future for Turkey

“We need to aim to reduce emissions in absolute terms, meaning ‘from today’. According to Turkey’s calculation, the country’s emissions by 2030 will increase. This target is inconsistent with the decision taken at the last COP ‘to set stronger 2030 targets” Elif Cansu İlhan, Turkey Policy Expert on Bianet

CAN Europe and its Turkish partners and members kicked off the 2030 climate target campaign with the motto “ambitious climate target for the resilient future of Turkey”. A strong coalition of local civil society organisations united in this campaign, advocating for a target of a 35% absolute reduction in emissions by 2030.

The coal phase out  from the power sector and the push for a just transition to a sustainable future in Turkey was spearheaded by a progressive climate movement, actively engaged in various initiatives such as coal exit finance, and green economic development at the local level. CAN Europe and its partners actively contributed to the coal phase-out agenda and just transition initiatives, including a groundbreaking study exploring the potential for developing an olive-based manufacturing industry in Milas, a region that has been reliant on coal plants and open pit lignite mines for over four decades. Additionally, CAN Europe collaborated with local trade unions and WWF Turkey to bring together local anti-coal movement representatives and trade union representatives  for the first time to discuss the coal phase-out agenda.